Challenges and Opportunities

Welcome to China Strategy Institute’s website!

China Strategy Institute is a research institute dedicated to assisting businesses and policymakers worldwide navigate the complexities of the evolving economic and geopolitical landscapes, particularly in relation to China. Our mission is to research and develop strategies that foster economic growth and competitiveness on an international scale, advising global businesses on competitive tactics related to China, promoting sustainable practices and social responsibility, and encouraging cross-cultural exchange among diverse communities.

Our activities encompass research on the dynamic global-China economic and geopolitical relationship, providing consulting services to multinational businesses on managing supply chain risks and crafting alternative sourcing strategies, and developing market growth and risk management strategies for operations within China, as well as exit strategies for relocation or diversification. We also facilitate international cross-cultural exchange programs and delve into the competition dynamics between global and Chinese enterprises.

We recognize that the shifting global-China relationship introduces new challenges and uncertainties for businesses across the globe. Through our research and strategic consulting services, we aim to guide them through this changing terrain, uncovering new opportunities for growth. Our focus extends beyond China, aiming to support businesses in managing their supply chains and operations across diverse markets that offer fresh possibilities for expansion and risk mitigation.

Beyond supporting businesses, the China Strategy Institute also provides insights for global policymakers, offering a deeper understanding of the geopolitical nuances of the global-China economic relationship. Our research examines the interplay between economic and political factors, aiding policymakers in crafting decisions that uphold international interests and values.

We invite you to join our efforts to enhance global economic interests and competitiveness in the face of the global-China economic and geopolitical nexus.