China Risk Management

Whether your business chooses to stay or exit China, whether you engage in selling to or purchasing from the Chinese market, or simply have direct or indirect business interactions with China, risk management is of utmost significance in today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly complex US-China economic and geopolitical climate. Navigating the challenges posed by changing regulations, competitive pressures, and shifting market dynamics requires a proactive and comprehensive approach to mitigating potential risks and seizing emerging opportunities.

To address these challenges, China Strategy Institute offers a range of China Risk Management services designed to help businesses mitigate risks related to legal and regulatory compliance. Some of these services include:

  • Risk Assessment: political/geopolitical risk, economic risk, trade policy and tariff risk, market entry/exit risk, etc.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management: labor practices, environmental compliance, health and safety, and infrastructure challenges
  • Intellectual property and technology risk management
  • Regulatory compliance risk management
  • Reputational risk management
  • Crisis Management