China Strategy Institute aims to promote a peaceful transition to democracy in China and to improve China’s human rights condition.

Our Mission:

  • To research for peaceful paths of China’s future transition into democracy
  • To advice US-China relation-related strategies for the United States
  • To advocate for human rights and free speech in China
  • To educate young Chinese so that they may help with China’s civil development
  • To deepen the friendship between the American people and the Chinese people through cultural exchanges and activities

Our Activities:

  • Research of China’s political, social, and economic changes
  • Calling attention from the international society on humanrights issues in China
  • Co-work with Chinese activists in China
  • Hold forums/conferences that Chinese overseas dissidents gather and discuss political issues in China
  • Nonviolent resistance / civil disobedience training through online social media groups
  • Run pro-democracy online media (videos & articles) and distribute newsletters
  • Translate and summarize English news and articles of China politics and business into Chinese for Chinese audience


Please write to [email protected] or submit the following contact form. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.