Challenges and Opportunities

Welcome to China Strategy Institute’s website!

China Strategy Institute is a research institute dedicated to assisting US businesses and policymakers navigate the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing US-China economic and geopolitical landscape. Our mission is to research and explore strategies for promoting US economic growth and competitiveness, advising US businesses on China-related competitive tactics, promoting sustainable business practices and social accountability, and fostering cross-cultural exchange between people from diverse backgrounds.

Our activities include research on the evolving US-China economic and geopolitical relationship, providing consulting services to US businesses on managing supply chain risks and alternative sourcing strategies, developing market growth and risk management strategies for those operating in China as well as exit strategies for those leaving China, facilitating cross-cultural exchange programs, and exploring competition between US and China enterprises.

We understand that the current US-China relationship presents new challenges and uncertainties for US businesses. By providing research and strategic consulting services, we can help them navigate the evolving landscape and identify new opportunities for growth. Our focus is not only on China but also on helping businesses manage their supply chains and operations outside of China, in other countries that offer new opportunities for growth and diversification.

In addition to supporting US businesses, China Strategy Institute also serves the US policymakers, offering insights into the geopolitical implications of the US-China economic relationship. Our research explores how economic and political factors interact and influence each other, helping policymakers to make informed decisions that promote US interests and values.

We welcome you to join us in our mission and activities to promote US economic interests and competitiveness in the context of the current US-China economic and geopolitical relationship.