Forced Labor

The issue of forced labor in China has gained increased attention in recent news, highlighting the urgent need for greater transparency and accountability in global supply chains. The US State Department has urged businesses to scrutinize their supply chains and address any instances of forced labor. In addition, the US Customs and Border Protection has taken steps to combat forced labor by issuing withhold release orders on products suspected of being manufactured with forced labor. These orders prohibit entry of such goods into the US until they can be proven to be produced without the use of forced labor.

Meanwhile, there are growing concerns that China is exporting its forced labor practices to other countries, such as Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Chinese workers sent overseas to work on infrastructure projects often face exploitation and abuse.

At China Strategy Institute, we are acutely aware of the urgency and importance of addressing forced labor issues. Our team of experts is actively engaged in conducting comprehensive investigations into forced labor in China and other countries. We are committed to working closely with both governments and corporations to promote responsible business practices and ensure that social accountability is upheld throughout supply chains.