INTERVIEW: ‘I never thought I would hear such slogans in my lifetime’

interview i never thought i would hear such slogans in my lifetime

As protesters took to the streets in more than a dozen Chinese cities last weekend in anti-lockdown protests sparked by a deadly fire in Urumqi, amid calls for Communist Party leader Xi Jinping to step down, students in overseas universities soon followed suit. While Chinese nationals who amplify or respond to anti-government sentiment overseas risk bringing trouble down on the heads of loved ones back home, some have said they were inspired by recent protests to the point of responding with actions of their own. Guo Hu, a 42-year-old Chinese…

Elon’s Two-Day War with Apple + How to Beat an A.I. Censor + S.B.F.’s ‘Bad Month’

elons two day war with apple how to beat an a i censor s b f s bad month

Listen and follow ‘Hard Fork’Apple | Spotify | Stitcher | Amazon | Google Elon Musk accuses Apple of trying to sabotage Twitter. But after his visit with Apple’s C.E.O., Tim Cook, things are … good? Then, the New York Times reporter Paul Mozur on the tactics Chinese protesters are deploying to avoid the most sophisticated censorship apparatus in the world. Plus: S.B.F. says it’s been a “bad month.” Credits “Hard Fork” is hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton and produced by Davis Land. The show is edited by Paula…

How China’s Police Used Phones and Faces to Track Protesters

how chinas police used phones and faces to track protesters

On Sunday, when Mr. Zhang went to protest China’s strict Covid policies in Beijing, he thought he came prepared to go undetected. He wore a balaclava and goggles to cover his face. When it seemed that plainclothes police officers were following him, he ducked into the bushes and changed into a new jacket. He lost his tail. That night, when Mr. Zhang, who is in his 20s, returned home without being arrested, he thought he was in the clear. But the police called the next day. They knew he had…

China Fines Former NBA Star Lin Over Quarantine Comments

china fines former nba star lin over quarantine comments

BEIJING —  Former NBA star Jeremy Lin, who plays for a Chinese team, was fined 10,000 yuan ($1,400) for “inappropriate remarks” on social media about quarantine facilities ahead of a game, China’s professional league announced Friday, as the government tries to stop protests against anti-virus controls that are among the world’s most stringent. Also Friday, more cities eased restrictions, allowing shopping malls, supermarkets and other businesses to reopen following protests last weekend in Shanghai and other areas in which some crowds called for President Xi Jinping to resign. Urumqi in…

Japan-China defense hotline aims to cut risk of clashes

japan china defense hotline aims to cut risk of clashes

Japan and China are to start a defense hotline in the spring to minimize risks of incidents as the Chinese military is accused of advancing “gray zone” operations in contested waters between the two countries. Japanese media quoted Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi as saying earlier this week that a military hotline is likely to begin operating in spring 2023 and will “play an extremely important role in building confidence and avoiding unexpected contingencies.” The two countries launched a Maritime and Aerial Communication Mechanism in 2018 to avoid accidental clashes, under…

China Blames Foreigners for Inciting Protests

china blames foreigners for inciting protests

NEW DELHI —  China’s rulers are accusing “hostile forces,” including foreigners, of inciting street demonstrations in more than three dozen Chinese cities and many more universities in the biggest domestic political challenge for Beijing since 1989’s Tiananmen Square protests. At stake is the legitimacy of the ruling Chinese Communist Party as protesters question its management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has used repressive methods such as repetitive mass testing, quarantines, and lockdowns resulting in large-scale unemployment and economic loss. Jolted, the government is handling the new situation cautiously. Though…

Uyghurs in Istanbul Seek Justice for Urumqi Fire Victims

uyghurs in istanbul seek justice for urumqi fire victims

Mohammad Mehmet Ali lost his mother and four siblings in an apartment fire on Nov. 24 in China. Since then, he has been protesting China’s response to the incident. In an interview with VOA, he accused authorities of not putting out the fire, which spread in a building occupied mostly by Uyghurs, a Turkic minority ethnic group. VOA’s Umut Colak has filed this story from Istanbul, narrated by Bezhan Hamdard. Camera: Umut Colak VOA

As Officials Ease Restrictions, China Faces New Pandemic Risks

as officials ease restrictions china faces new pandemic risks

As one country after another succumbed to outbreaks this year, China kept the coronavirus at bay, buying valuable time to prepare for the inevitable: a variant of the virus so shifty and contagious that China, too, would struggle to contain it. But rather than laying the groundwork for that scenario, China stepped up its commitment to “zero Covid,” deploying snap lockdowns and contact tracing. In the meantime, daily vaccinations fell to record lows. Critical-care beds remained in short supply, even as workers built testing booths and isolation facilities. Research on…

Tweets Offer 2 Views of China’s Deceased Former Leader Jiang Zemin

tweets offer 2 views of chinas deceased former leader jiang zemin

WASHINGTON —  On Thursday, a day after Jiang Zemin’s death, Chinese newspapers turned their front pages black and Chinese flags were lowered to half-staff on government buildings and Chinese embassies to mark the death of China’s former leader, whose funeral is scheduled for Tuesday. On China’s heavily censored social media, users posted mostly positive comments focused on Jiang’s legacy since his death Wednesday. These remarks contrasted with posts from experts and Twitter users located outside China who compared the relatively more liberal times he oversaw with the increasingly authoritarian environment…

US Senators Warn China Against Violent Crackdown on Protests

us senators warn china against violent crackdown on protests

WASHINGTON —  A bipartisan group of more than 40 U.S. senators warned China on Thursday against any violent crackdown on protests there, saying it would do “extraordinary damage” to the U.S.-China relationship. \The 42 senators, led by Democrat Jeff Merkley and Republicans Mitch McConnell, Dan Sullivan and Todd Young, said in a letter to China’s Washington Ambassador Qin Gang that they were following the protests in China very carefully. “We are also closely watching the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) reaction to them,” the senators’ letter said, noting Beijing’s violent crackdown…