UK parliamentary researcher denies all spying accusations

uk parliamentary researcher denies all spying accusations

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A British parliamentary researcher accused of working for Beijing has denied all spying allegations levelled against him.

Speaking through Birnberg Peirce, the law firm representing him, the researcher said he felt forced to respond to the media accusations that I am a ‘Chinese spy’”.

“Given what has been reported, it is vital that it is known that I am completely innocent. I have spent my career to date trying to educate others about the challenge and threats presented by the Chinese Communist party,” he added.

“To do what has been claimed against me in extravagant news reporting would be against everything I stand for.” 

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed that two men were arrested in March under the Official Secrets Act over allegations of espionage-related offences. One, who is in his twenties, worked as a parliamentary researcher and was arrested from his home in Edinburgh.

This is a developing story . . .

Financial Times

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